Epilating – eek!

So… epilating – that’s a scary idea isn’t it?! While my ‘lucky’ combination of pale skin & dark hair means I’ve tweezed my eyebrows to the point where I can’t feel a thing any more, the idea of ripping out the hair from anywhere else myself has never really sounded like it would be something that would end well. However, with my legs starting to feel more and more unhappy about being shaved, it seemed like it was time to give something different a try.

As the Braun Silk-epil 9 seemed to be getting the best reviews and was on offer at Boots, that’s what I went for! What I’ve found since using it is so far a tale of two body parts:


I first tried the epilator on my underarms, and yes it hurt, but not quite as much as I expected it to. It feels a little like you’re mowing yourself. To start with, I was really slow – do a tiny bit, stop for an ‘ow, ow, ow’, but you do get used to the pain as you go on. It really didn’t take long to remove all of the hair – a bit more manipulating & pulling of skin (by me – it didn’t get trapped!) than shaving as the head is bigger but still easy to cover everything. The results were amazing – 100% smooth, soft skin for almost 2 weeks, and even then the regrowth was tiny and a little at a time so super easy to keep on top of.


I think it took me about 3 sessions to cover my legs – there is a lot of surface area and bits that are close to bones really hurt! (I still haven’t managed to do my knees – too much pain). This probably would have been easier if I had left the hair to grow for longer, but I was impatient, and so not everything was at a good length to be removed. Because of this, my legs still didn’t feel smooth (due to the hairs still to grow through), but they certainly looked much better than they did after shaving. The one thing I did find was that for about the first week my legs were really really itchy, and my usual Aveeno moisturiser wasn’t having a long-lasting enough effect. This gave me the opportunity to try out La Roche Posay Lipikar balm which claims to be anti-irritantion and anti-scratching (I’ve wanted to see how well it works for a while but not had any reason to need it). The balm worked wonderfully; my legs started to feel soft and I was no longer scratching them so much that they bruised! I’m still waiting for all of the hair to grow in to be removed, but that from the first cycle which has started to grow back is soooo much finer – you used to be able to see the dark hair back on my legs a day after shaving but what’s growing back after just one round of epilating is the sort of hair you have to really look to notice, which is something I never thought I would have.

There are lots of additional heads for the epilator which I haven’t tried yet (it might take a while to work up to epilating my face…), but for the basic use it’s been really good so far – I am a particular fan of the light which helps you to see any hair you’ve missed (even more useful as the hairs get finer). This model is cordless, and I can imagine that if it did have a cord it would be much more annoying to use. It can be used wet or dry – so far my preference is dry for underarms, and wet for legs.

For my underarms, I can’t see myself switching back to use anything other than this – the effects are that good and that quick. With my legs, I think I’m going to have to wait a little while before I see if I do need to mix some shaving in with the epilating – my legs still don’t feel smooth even if they look it, so I will have to see if that is down to the number of differently-timed growth cycles and will change as they’ve all been targeted and start to grow back more lightly or if there are still going to be times when I want to shave for a really smooth finish (luckily I’ve begun this at the start of Autumn so I can hide any issues under tights and jeans!).


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