The 90’s trend I’m happy to revisit

Seeing groups of teenage girls browsing the crop tops and checked shirts in Topshop almost makes me feel like I could join them and be 13 again (other than the fact that they would probably be bemused by someone technically old enough to be their mother turning up and reminiscing about how that top would have only been £8 in my day). Much as my mum feels about the various resuscitations of 1970s style that turn up from time to time, I can’t see the appeal of the vast majority of the 90’s fashion revival (I’ve seen what we looked like back then, it wasn’t good!). However there is one tiny element which I felt could fit into my 32-year-old life after I glimpsed someone on the tube sporting them – glittery socks!

Just as it was back in the day (the day in question being sometime during 1995), Topshop was clearly the place to go to fulfil this dream. And as I now have a grown-up person’s wage rather than pocket money which needs to also cover bus fare and a happy meal I was able to purchase 3 pairs for the bargain (by 2015 standards) price of £8.

Topshop glittery socks

My main concern was whether technology would have improved sufficiently over the past 20 years for the socks to not itch my ankles to hell, and I’m very happy to report that it has – these feel slinky rather than scratchy. I love wearing them; it’s mood-brightening to look down and see a shimmer of glitz at the end of my leg. The black ones are definitely my favourite, and I feel like I may be heading for another multibuy to see me through the autumn.

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