Autumn nail polishes - Chanel, Kure, Revlon

Autumn nail colours


Changes in the season are almost inevitably accompanied by changes in the general hue of my nails – for Autumn I won’t completely give up the brights and glitters but I’ve shifted the overall colour balance towards a deeper palette which definitely feels more autumnal. These 5 polishes are the ones I’m going to be reaching for most frequently over the next few months (along with another Chanel which I’m ridiculously excited to go and buy as soon as I finish writing this and will deserve a post all of its own).

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy – Double Down – I love Revlon’s gel polishes and I think they work especially well with a metallic finish – the thicker formula means you don’t get uneven brush lines and any bumps in nail texture are more covered up than with a more usual metallic polish so it’s a smoother finish. Double Down is a shimmery coppery/bronzey gold which I love on toes for summer, and fingers for autumn. I usually stay away from gold & really from metallics in general, but this one is a star!

Chanel Le Vernis – Fantastic– This is a limited edition from quite a few years back (sorry!), but I just feel like it’s Autumn in a bottle – a lovely berry shade with just a tiny touch of shimmer to lift it.

Chanel Le Vernis – Vert Obscur – Limited edition again but from this season – this is part of the Automnales collection currently on sale. With an inky formula that’s thinner than most of Chanel’s deeper-hued polishes (i.e. won’t go gloopy as quickly), this is a gorgeous, shiny, deep (depending on how many coats you do – I’ve been going for 3 as the thin formula does make it a bit streaky with less) British Racing Green. I am quite in love with this, I recently did something I almost never do and wore it for a whole week (usually there would be at least two colour changes during that time). For a slightly lighter version of the same shade I also love Butter London’s British Racing Green, which would have been included in this edit if it wasn’t so similar (they are really different on the nail, just in totally the same shade range).

Kure Bazaar – Rock Star – Kure Bazaar are a relatively new French brand I love – 4 free and 85% natural, yet the colours are still totally fabulous and the quality is great. Rock Star is a lovely shimmery deep blue with a fantastic shiny finish.

Revlon Nail Enamel – Cherries in the Snow – More Revlon, and this one is a real classic which I think is perfect for Autumn – Cherries in the Snow gives you that pick-me-up of a bright polish but in a shade which just has that little bit more Autumnal depth of colour and leans more towards being a berry yet not so far as to having the mutedness of an actual berry polish.

Heavy on the Chanel and Revlon I know, but that’s just how my nail polish collection tends to be! All polishes featured are formaldehyde free, and always will be because formaldehyde makes me look like the elephant man.


Top to bottom above – Cherries in the Snow, Vert Obscur, Fantastic, Rock Star, Double Down

Buy them here (except Fantastic, sorry again – if anyone finds a dupe for this please let me know!)

Double Down – £6.99 here (Boots have another 3 for 2 on Revlon at the moment…)

Vert Obscur – £18 here

Rockstar – £15 here

Cherries in the Snow – £6.49 here (and the same 3 for 2 as above)

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