Autumn wardrobe - H&M dress

Autumn wardrobe updates

Over the past few weeks I’ve been happily adding some new items to my wardrobe for Autumn and now I think I’m all set – I had just about everything I needed from previous years but there are always a few new things needed… I’ve managed to get quite a few bargains (and only one of them in the sales), so here is a bit of a rundown of my new additions.

Aldo shoes October 15

I’ve been after some ‘proper shoe’ shoes for ages as I think I’ve finally realised it’s not practical to keep replacing rain-damaged ballet pumps and I don’t want to live in boots til March (though I do love boots). I was very happy to find these shiny pewtery things in the sale in Aldo for just £22.50 – they make me want to tap dance while I’m wearing them.

And now follows a million items from Zara (standard, especially as I’m not allowing myself into Anthropologie at the moment), some of which I probably should have ironed before taking their picture….


This is a lovely snug little number – it has slits at the sides which are a really nice detail; at the moment I’m wearing it with a black vest top underneath but when it gets colder it will be worn over one of my staple Uniqlo heat tech long sleeved tops. Super flexible, I’ll be teaming this with jeans or my trusty leather skirt. This is £29.99 and Zara thinks it’s a waistcoat.

Zara snug cardi Oct 15

This is the comfiest thing I have ever owned, I have been wearing this around the house constantly since I bought it (waiting for it to be cold enough for it not to feel like a sauna on the tube when I wear it in the outside world). Thick, soft wool and a big faux-sheepskin hooded collar, it is a cuddle in a garment. I can’t find this on the Zara website but I seem to think that it was £19.99.

Zara navy spot shirt

Over the past few weeks this shirt has become a total wardrobe staple – it’s soft and nicely cut (with no pockets – I don’t like pockets) and navy (I think it probably looks black here). £25.99 from (obvs) Zara.


I dismissed this top the first time round as I thought it was going to be cropped (and the changing room queue was ridiculous so I wasn’t willing to try it on), but I’m really pleased that I went back to it as it falls just so nicely, has really individual detailing and I think is going to become a go-to for the various birthday and work nights out coming up over the next few months – it’s £25.99.

Autumn wardrobe - H&M dress


And finally something not from Zara – I was so impressed with the quality of this dress from H&M – it’s something that can be so easily dressed up or down and I just love the intricacy of the pattern – great for just £29.99!

3 thoughts on “Autumn wardrobe updates

  1. Ooh I love that H&M dress in particular – they’re all gorgeous but that’s really nice! Haha can’t believe you’ve encroached on my Hennes territory; soon you, Harri and I will all be dressed the same bwahahah!


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