The best things I’ve read on the Internet this week – 11th October

I am a terribly distractable person, and so I spend probably a higher than average proportion of my week reading various things across the internet. This is a little edit of the ones I’ve loved this week! (it makes me sound like I am preoccupied with cake and ageing which is only partially true…)

Buzzfeed’s Scott Bryan baked every GBBO technical challenge and it didn’t go well. But the bad cakes make for a much better read!

Lauren Laverne – ‘Who do you want to be when you grow up?’ on The Pool – a fabulous paean to women who are growing older on their own terms. (If you’ve not yet come across The Pool it’s 100% worth checking out – great content by excellent writers, there is always something on there that I want to read.)

London Beauty Queen published a great guest post by Lucy Duckett talking about how you should update your skincare and makeup as you get older. One of the reasons I love this blog is because it provides damn sensible advice, which this really is – the sort of post which had me nodding in agreement all the way through.

Saturday’s Guardian contained an absolute standout piece from Sophie Heawood about raising her daughter as a single parent – it’s incredibly honest and balanced, poignant and positive and left me reflecting on how my mum made doing the same look rather effortless to small me, despite the opposite probably being the reality (thanks mum, I hope I didn’t make you cry by writing that!).

The last thing for this week isn’t a ‘to read’ but a ‘to watch’ – Poppy Dinsey (founder of What I Wore Today) is one of my absolute favourite Internet People and has just started a weekly vlog. She’s funny, wonderfully unpretentious and normal and this week features a cake shop that I reeeeeally want to go to (Sarah Kuziw, are you reading this? Please come visit and eat cake with me here!). I quite want to be her friend.

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