WAH London Nail Buffer

New nail essential – WAH London Buffing Block

When I wrote about my essential nail products a week or so back I hadn’t yet encountered this little lovely but in that short time it’s become a must-have. When I was at uni I was obsessed with buffing my nails til they were super shiny, but now there just doesn’t really seem that much of a point in using every single side of a traditional 4-way buffer when all I’m going to do is paint over the results. So the only surface of the four which gets any use is ‘stage 2’ – the one which smooths the nail, and it’s generally the case that this side gets worn out quickly while the other 3 are barely touched.

When I spotted WAH London’s Buffing Block in Boots I was immediately struck with its simple genius – all 4 sides are the same smoothing texture! (and it’s a really good quality foam block too – none of the coated surface which wrinkles and frays). This will last 3 times (at least) as long as a traditional buffer, without 3/4 of it being almost totally wasted.

WAH London are such a clever, refreshingly different brand and it’s great to see them bringing something new to the market on top of the already great polishes and nail art kits. I’ve just noticed their Clean Up Brush which I think is also something I have to try!

WAH London Nail Buffer

WAH London Buffing Block is £4 from Boots – https://www.boots.com/en/WAH-London-Buffing-Block_1532251/

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