Superdrug October 2015

Mini Superdrug haul – bargains!!

I am totally a Boots rather than Superdrug shopper (addicted to the Advantage Card points), but the Boots where I live in Brixton is awful, so when I realised I needed some little pots to decant moisturiser in to for my terribly exciting weekend in Umbria (this isn’t going to be just any weekend trip, but I’ll be sharing much more about it when I come back), Superdrug was the only option. And as I actually took time to browse for once rather than just run in, buy shampoo, run out, I actually found some very exciting things which were all rather cheap.

Superdrug October 2015

Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes (currently on offer at £1.95) – to be very clear, I don’t use these for actual cleansing (pretty much ever – no matter how drunk or ill I am, I still head straight to the sink for a double cleanse before bed), but for a quick refresh after a workout or to remove day makeup if I want to do something different for the evening these are fab.

Superdrug Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask – this was only £1.29, so why wouldn’t I give it a try?! I have a Sarah Chapman mask to try out as well, so I might do a premium v budget test with them both.

MUA Eyeshadow in Bronze – I actually didn’t know you could get eyeshadow for £1 (I thought I was allergic to things I wasn’t for a very long time so I mostly missed out on the phase where I should have been experimenting with cheap things!). This is the most bargain thing ever! It’s a lovely shimmer with great texture and pigment – for an actual POUND!!

MUA Eyeshadow - Bronze

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme (currently on offer at £9.95) – There are lots of Nip + Fab products currently on offer (not the full range), but I limited myself to this one for now. I love an overnight treatment and the combination of acids (glycolic, salicylic & lactic) in this seem perfect for the congestion going on around my chin currently!

And I did actually buy what I went in for – two little pots for my holiday moisturisers which were 99p each.

Do you have any Superdrug loves I’ve missed? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “Mini Superdrug haul – bargains!!

  1. You should go to the Boots in Croydon (a bus ride away). It’s massive (as is the superdrug) and has everything that could possibly be needed. I have a loyalty card with both and always grew up as more of a Superdrug kinda girl (it’s generally a little cheaper) and I’ve hardly ever been let down by them.


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