Chanel Troublante Nail Polish

Chanel Rouge Allure Winter 2015 – the purchases that weren’t to be!

I was sooo excited to check out Chanel’s Rouge Allure Winter 2015 collection – there was one lipstick and one nail polish that I was absolutely 100% going to buy and I couldn’t wait!

There are some really lovely lipstick colours in this collection, and one in particular I really thought might be a matte version of my dear departed Rouge Coco Cambon – as it was limited edition I would surely have to buy it and add it to my Cambon dupe stash (currently running at 3.5 discontinued originals, 2 discontinued Clarins Pink Fuschia dupes and two Mavala limited edition Cherry Sweet dupes – I am a little scared of being without a version of this…). So the first thing I did when I got to the counter was swipe Eblouissant, which was indeed reminiscent of Cambon – win! However, when I ended up waiting forever for anyone to come near the counter and attempt to sell me something (more on that later), I ended up also checking out the current Rouge Allure Velvet collection, and discovering that there is no discernible difference between Eblouissante and one of the shades from the permanent collection (I can’t remember which shade!), so given that I’m OK for now with the 7.5 lipsticks of the same shade I have, I can probably wait for this… (until they relaunch Rouge Allure and I run to counters to stock up!). It’s still a really great colour though.

Even more exciting than this however was the Troublante nail polish – basically all of the shades of autumn in one shimmering duochrome polish – gorgeous! Except on me, apparently… In the bottle this really is beautiful, but on my nails it just didn’t look right – the colours of the polish just didn’t work with my skintone and for some reason brought out redness around my cuticles and knuckles that I haven’t noticed before! I think this would be incredible on darker skintones, but sadly not for me.

Chanel Troublante Nail Polish

Again, I was wandering around the counter on my own, and as usual was drawn to the rest of the nail polishes where I ended up testing out Terrana (from the Summer 2015 Mediterranee collection, but still available on quite a few counters). I must have totally overlooked this earlier in the year, but now I’m in love! For me, this is definitely an Autumn shade rather than a Summer one anyway – it’s a shimmery bronze with a lilac tone, sophisticated and endlessly wearable. So I came away with a totally different Le Vernis from the one I had been all so excited about to start with.

Chanel Le Vernis Terrana

I have to talk/rant about the different experiences at Chanel counters when I was buying this – I started off at Boots in Piccadilly Circus (which is a fabulous Boots for beauty stuff by the way – one of my top 3 in London!), but there was no-one staffing the counter – for the amount of time it took for me to test two polishes, wait for them to dry and go to check them in the daylight, test a further 7 lipsticks and look through every single one of the drawers after I’d got bored and figured I may as well find what I wanted myself (I couldn’t, but damn I love those drawers of nail polish). Another customer sat down and started on her own full on makeover while I was there. I know that everyone will need a break, but surely Saturday afternoon at Piccadilly Circus would be a time to have more than one person on the counter! Cut to Debenhams on Oxford Street and it was a totally different story – a counter (fair enough bigger, but still…) full of staff who were all super helpful and where I was served immediately by the most delightful counter-person I have ever come across who I had a lovely long chat with about bookshops after she spotted my Daunt Books tote bag. Now that’s how to build customer loyalty (especially when the staff are just as lovely to me in my post-ashtanga sweaty yoga look as they are to the ladies who lunch) – Debenhams will definitely be my Chanel counter of choice in that area of town from now on.

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