My house smells of my favourite perfume!

I seem to spend quite a bit of my lunchtime at the moment browsing the beauty department at M&S (I’ve mentioned this before recently – go there if you haven’t!), and recently I wandered over to the fragrance section. I don’t think it would ever enter my head to buy any type of fragrance from M&S, but that has definitely changed!

M&S are now stockists of products from classic French perfumerie Fragonard – a brand I’d heard of recently when a friend introduced us to their perfume of the year for 2015; Jasmine, (with a beautifully painted bottle) and told us how much their Grasse museum and shops were worth a visit (definitely in the plan for next year’s Cote D’Azur trip). It was recognising this bottle which drew me over to the display, and I totally loved what I found – perfumes, soaps, eau du toilettes and room fragrances all in very classic fragrances but each of which had some twist to it that made it an unique scent you couldn’t help but go back to.

I was all but set on buying a sweet pea eau de toilette when I started to look at the room fragrance diffusers, and at the first sniff of Muguet I was immediately hooked – this Lily of the Valley scent is the closest thing I’ve ever smelt to my all time favourite fragrance Diorissimo – the perfume I wear when I want to feel as positive and confident as I possibly can. It’s a massive 200ml bottle which will last for ages (quite good for £25 I think), and my house now smells of my favourite hit of positivity which makes me so happy every time I get a little waft of it!

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO


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