Payday beauty buys -November

It’s my favourite day of the month again! This month I’ve done something I’ve been wanting to for ages and did a mini blitz of the & Other Stories beauty section, so most of what I have is from there. Over the last year & Other Stories has become one of my go-to brands for clothes – usually reasonably priced, always individual and just that bit different from the rest of the high street; they’re just a cool, grown-up brand with something for every occasion. At the moment they have only two stores in London (Regent St & the Kings Road), but everything is available online and hopefully they will spread to the rest of the UK soon! I also took advantage of the Liberty Loyalty promotion to pick up a couple of lovely bits from there with double points and money off, so that’s what I’m going to be talking about first.

I’ve wanted to try the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders for ages, and I knew that Dim Light would be the one for me so when I saw that Liberty had a mini version for £19 (the standard size is £38 so it’s basically half the product for half the price), I had to go for it. It’s a lovely dinky little compact with a really good mirror in, and I can’t wait to try it out!


My other Liberty purchase was a Bobbi Brown brow pencil – I adore the texture of these, they are just so soft and blendable. I’ve been wearing the shade Brunette recently but I feel like it’s too dark so I’ve gone for the slightly lighter Mahogany this time.


Now on to the & Other Stories haul – I’ve ended up with a nice selection from across the range and had to stop shopping and send myself to the till when I couldn’t pick anything else up, I could have bought so much more…

The things I’ve always been drawn to have been the nail polishes – a really amazing range of shades & finishes, £5 each and formaldehyde free. More of these will be purchased in the future, but for now I’ve gone for 3 – metallic silvery-rose gold Damask Rose which I’ve been checking out for ages, Alcantara Green which I thought was a mint green with an iridescent edge but is actually an iridescent sheer (quite happy about this as it can be a replacement for my festive favourite Chanel Intermezzo when that finally runs out, and it will work as a lovely topcoat), and Arrow Gold, which I wouldn’t have looked twice at if I hadn’t seen a swatch – it’s a bit green-looking in the bottle but on the nail is actually a golden bronze with slightly chromatic pink flecks and it’s gorgeous. (aargh, I’ve just realised that the nail polishes aren’t available online, that’s terrible! Sort it out Stories!)


Next up was an eyeshadow quad in Nacre Ecru – I think great value at £12. I love a light shimmery eye colour and these are all lovely – they can be kept quite sheer for day, or built up for evening, and the paler shade is great as a highlight colour.


The last makeup item is probably my favourite – the Sunray Pleat Pearl Creme Highlighter (£10). Iridescent and shimmery and glowy – I am in love with this one! The creme adds a lovely subtle highlight to cheeks or brow bone which really catches the light, and I want to use it all the time.


The range includes some lovely brushes and I picked up the Kabuki brush (£10) – thick, soft & luscious, I think I will get a lot of use from this one.


My final product was skincare – you might have noticed by now that I love a night treatment so I’ve gone for the Natte Anti-Stress Sleeping Masque (£9) – I have a super busy December coming up so I will definitely be testing whether this actually does help my stressed festive skin. It smells of jasmine, which is a definite bonus.


What have you been treating yourself to this payday? Have you tried anything from the & Other Stories beauty range?




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