Hyaluronic acid supplements – a dehydrated skin saviour

Hyaluronic acid is found in a lot of skincare products, and is also something which exists naturally in your body – it’s a part of your connective tissue which helps to retain water and elasticity. As you get older, the amount of hyaluronic acid you have decreases which contributes to generally sadder, less ‘young looking skin’.

I generally have quite dehydrated skin, so quite a lot of the products I use contain hyaluronic acid (usually listed as sodium hyaluronate in the ingredients), but this doesn’t always quite do the full job (especially in the winter) and I still end up with the telltale dehydration lines between my eyebrows. But as it’s a substance you’ll find naturally inside you anyway, topical application isn’t the only way to give it a boost – I’ve started taking hyaluronic acid supplements as well.

The supplements I have been trying are from Holland & Barrett – Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C 20mg – £9.99 for 30 (currently on buy one get one half price). I’ve been taking one a day for about 3 weeks so far and I can definitely see a difference in the general smoothness and plumpness of my skin – the dehydration wrinkle only shows up if I’ve really not been drinking much water, and the rest of the time it’s not there at all. This is exactly the result I wanted so I’m definitely going to be keeping these in my regular routine.

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