My favourite London hair & beauty salons

One of the most daunting things about moving to a new city is replacing your reliable favourite salons with newcomers- how will you find a new hairdresser you can trust with that odd frizzy patch, or someone who won’t leave you hanging on the waxing bed with one leg in the air while they answer the phone (true story). I’m sure I can’t be the only person who has planned a visit back to somewhere they’ve lived previously at a time which coincides with being able to go back to a much loved salon for a colour refresh. Now I’ve been in London for a few years I’ve found my beauty happy places, so I wanted to share them in case anyone is new to the city and looking for some recommendations (or already lives here and wants somewhere new!).

HairNeighbourhood, Earls Court.


I’ve been going here since it actually was my neighbourhood salon as I lived in the next street and now I trek up from Brixton every couple of months because I don’t want to leave. It’s a lovely salon with a great atmosphere – totally unpretentious with a real mix of clientele. I usually see salon owner Jay who is an absolute superstar, but he has such a talented team that I’ve had a great experience even on the times he’s been away and I’ve had my cut and colour with another stylist – I genuinely think that you can’t go wrong with this place and I can see myself still coming here when I eventually move out of London.

MassageSabai Leela – Earls Court


Another Earls Court local, Sabai Leela massages manage to cover off effective, luxurious and relaxing all in one – I’ve never felt my shoulders drop as much as the day after having a deep tissue massage here. Lovely surroundings, knowledgeable therapists and each treatments ends with a relaxing green tea and sugary biscuit while you watch the world go by on Brompton Road. For massage, I also like Spa & Massage (various locations, open til 11 so if there’s one near you you can just float straight to bed…), Pure Massage (again, various locations – the one in Neal’s Yard on Kings Road is great) and Brixton Therapy Centre.

Facial – relax and pamper – Clarins Skin Spa, Selfridges


Booking one of these in for the end of a working day is one of the best ways to de-stress ever – you’re tucked up under a duvet on a heated bed while a therapist works their magic with a Clarins signature massage as part of their Tri-Active facial (just book for Tri-Active in general and then discuss with your therapist what would be best for your skin that day). Skin will feel softer and brighter, but it’s the overall experience that keeps me coming back. There are Skin Spa locations all over, but the staff at Selfridges are particularly lovely.

Facial – effective (but still relaxing!) – Sarah Brown at Trevor Sorbie – Covent Garden



I feel like I’ve now entrusted my skin to Sarah for life. Since seeing her I’ve realised that there is no substitute for having someone who knows your skin and is able to see what’s happened to it since last time she saw you, give you a perfect treatment and recommend what you should be doing yourself. All facials are bespoke, using a mix of brands and tailored to exactly what your skin needs on the day whether that be extractions, microdermabrasion, high-frequency treatment or just an exquisite massage. Sarah is such a lovely person – super knowledgeable and generally a pleasure to be around, so it’s really a bonus that her treatments work so well on top of that!

Let me know your local favourites!


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