Ski skincare essentials

In general, skin tends not to love skiing – the cold and glinty sunshine makes for dehydration and sensitivity. But with the right products, your skin can be perfectly comfortable whether your day is spent on the slopes or just overlooking them with a nice glass of vin chaud. My selection here have been handed out to a variety of different people and have all worked wonders – they are as much a part of my ski kit as the ibuprofen necessary for when I inevitably topple down a blue run.

Lip balm – Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. This does exactly what the name suggests – soothes and replaces moisture for soft, non-cracked lips. As it’s a cream rather than a balm, you can still squeeze it out of the tube in the coldest of conditions, and it has an applicator to go straight on to the lips so you don’t have to take your gloves off. (I love Kiehls Lip Balm #1 and have also tried Lanolips while skiing but these types of balms start to solidify and aren’t easy to get out of the tube – and you have to put them on your finger to apply so your hands get cold!). It’s £2.59 at Superdrug.

Facial sunscreen – Avene Very High Protection Emulsion Factor 50. My favourite facial SPF is just as good in snow as on the beach. It’s really important to protect your skin from the sun when skiing, as the sun reflecting off the snow and the atmosphere of being at higher altitude makes you at increased risk of burning. As well as having great protection, this cream has a really good texture & matte finish that is great under makeup – it’s non comedogenic too so no breakouts. The squeezy tube is easy to carry with you for reapplication, and won’t get too upset if you fall over on it. While I love this, I do also want to try out the Bioderma ski-specific products; still factor 50 and squeezy, but they’re supposed to have ingredients to protect against harsh weather, and have a lipbalm with SPF built in to the lid. Let me know if you’ve tried them! Currently £12 at Escentual as they have 25% off Avene, but available in larger Boots.

Serum – Clarins HydraQuench. Windbeaten, parched skin will never thank you as much as when you treat it with this. The hit of moisture brings immediate relief and makes your skin feel like you might actually still love it after all. £43 from Clarins – or currently available as part of a set with the moisturiser and mask for £23.45 (might stock up on that one myself…)

Facial Oil – Clarins Blue Orchid Treatment Oil. Designed to treat dehydrated skin, an application of this (with one of the moisturisers below) is a must when you return from the slopes. Do still use your normal night cream later though, this is just an extra boost. It’s £32 – currently in a shimmery collectors edition.

Moisturiser – Clarins HydraQuench or Clinique Moisture Surge. Mix either of these with the Blue Orchid Oil and massage in to feel your face return to normal. Both of these creams have tinted moisturiser/CC cream versions which are a good option to keep extra moisture going during the day. HydraQuench moisturiser is available as part of the aforementioned set with the serum, or is £35 on its own. Moisture Surge is £34.

Hand cream – La Roche Posay Lipikar Xerand. The metal tube of my usual L’Occitane hand cream is another thing which doesn’t always get on with the cold, so I ramp up the moisture with the plastic tube of Lipikar instead – it’s meant to repair chapped hands so is another one that’s perfect to help restore and protect. It’s currently £3.33 at Escentual (with 1/3 off).

I’m sure there are many other ski must-haves out there, what are yours? Is there anything you think I’m totally missing out on here?


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