Why I’m doing quarterly resolutions for 2016

Happy New Year! I have a very good feeling about this one and I’m excited to see what’s going to happen!

One of the best things I did in 2015 was to go on the Escape to Umbria weekend (if you missed my post about it you can find it here), and one of the best things I learnt when I was there was the power of small steps – of doing one little thing at a time towards where you want to be rather than trying to do everything all at once and ending up worn out and disillusioned. So this year I’m taking this approach to resolutions – rather than having big things which will more than likely disappear along the way and make me feel like I’ve failed at them, I’m going to have little quarterly resolutions which will hopefully build up to what the annual ones would have been anyway, but in a much more manageable fashion. (There is one which sort of has to be annual – this one terrifies me, post about it coming v soon).

So, why should you switch the big resolutions for the little ones?

less daunting = more likely to happen

Aim to do something by the end of the year and there is a whole 12 months for it to fall by the wayside – especially if you’re as fond of instant gratification as I am… This is why my Paris Half Marathon place last year went unused; I just felt that getting myself back from 5k round the park to able to even run for 15k let alone 21 was such a big jump that I gave up entirely. This year I’m starting with a much smaller goal – 3 months of running once a week which is far more likely to actually happen, and will give me a base to progress from, which brings me to my next point!

buildable = habit building

Starting small with something gives you much more of a chance of carrying it on into something you can develop further – so if there’s something you get into a pattern of doing once every two weeks for 3 months, then it will become a habit – for the next quarter, you already have that habit to build on so adding something new in feels like less of a stretch.

broken up = flexible 

Working out now what you want to have done by this time next year can be a bit of an uncertain business unless your life literally stays still – who knows what’s going to happen between now & then! For example, this time last year my then housemate & I wrote our resolutions on a napkin from Bukowski Burger and stuck them on the fridge – we discussed recently that she hadn’t quite managed running 5k each week. However, she had just finished walking almost 1000 miles across America, which is clearly a way bigger thing to have achieved and wasn’t even on the cards in January so wasn’t on the list. Quarterly resolutions give you the flexibility your life probably needs – scrap this, change that, be realistic!

little results = rewarding

With quarterly resolutions, you don’t have to wait a whole 12 months to look at what you’ve done (again with the instant gratification) – you can feel a sense of achievement much faster, which can only be a good thing!

I’m all set with what I’m going to be up to between now & the end of March and I’ve set myself a check-in for 31st March to review & set the next quarter’s goals, so I’ll report back on how it goes!

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