Max Factor Glamour Elixir Marilyn Monroe Red

I wasn’t really planning to try out the Marilyn Monroe collection from Max Factor, but it was there and it was shiny and it was cheap, so I did!

The collection contains 4 reds, with the promise that at least one will be the perfect shade for you – Cabernet Red for dark skin tones, Berry Red for cool tones, Sunset Red for warm tones and Ruby Red for all skintones and the most Marilynesque look.

I went for the soft Berry Red as it’s not too much like something I already have – I’d most compare it to a more pigmented version of Lipstick Queen’s Medieval (one of my all-time favourites) It’s relatively sheer, so is a really nice wearable everyday red when you want to look a bit put together but without too much of a statement. I really do like the colour, but unfortunately I’m not a fan of the staying power – I put it on at 10.15, went to a meeting, and by the time I came back at 12.30 & looked in the mirror all that remained was the tiniest of flushes surrounded by a very precise halo of lip liner (note to self – use lip liner to fill rather than just line). I’d literally sat on the tube, in a meeting, had a lovely little trip to the Bobbi Brown counter in Liberty and come home. Didn’t even have a sip of water. I’ll give it another try, but only on a day where I think I’ll be bored enough to want the distraction of needing to reapply my lipstick once an hour. While it could be a really great lipstick if it lasted longer, I feel that as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe it doesn’t really add up – it’s like Max Factor have tried to do a ‘red for everyone’ collection like L’Oreal have with their Colour Riche Exclusive Collection and mashed it up with a Marilyn thing, but really the two would be better kept separate with the focus for this being just on the shade-for-you aspect and something special made of the Monroe link, like recreating her exact shade of red in some gorgeous packaging. (In fact, i’m sure there’s someone out there in the Max Factor marketing team who has had that exact thought – this is so much like the briefs I get at work ‘we have this one great thing to say, but we totally want to dilute it by adding this, this and this, oh, and someone higher up than you really wants to tie it in to this too’.)


The lipliner that remained however, is a different story. Also being cheap and shiny was Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in Red Rush. I mostly picked this up because it was pretty and gold and glamorous and would look lovely in my makeup bag, so I’m very pleased that it’s good enough to be allowed to stay there. It’s a lovely soft glidey texture which gives definition but without too much of a harsh line, and (as proved when used with the Colour Elixir lipstick) has great staying power.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Marilyn Monroe Reds are currently £5.99 (usually £7.99) at Superdrug, where the Colour Elixir Lip Liner is £3.99 (usually £4.99).

Have you tried any of these? Are there any celebrity makeup tie-ins that you think have really worked (or not)?



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