Bobbi Brown Glow – Long Wear Gel Sparkle


I really need to start dialling in to the meeting which takes me back home via a near-deserted Monday morning Liberty beauty hall, it’s becoming a little expensive. This week I just popped in to have a teenie look at the new Glow collection from Bobbi Brown, and have a teenie swatch of the Opal gel sparkle… After swiping Opal, Goldstone & Brown Metal on my hand and having a lovely wander round the rest of the beauty department while I stared at the sparkles on my hand trying to decide on one of them as a favourite, I almost settled with just the one, but had a last-second change of heart and added another.

Goldstone was a totally gorgeous shimmery gold, but I have a lot of shimmery gold already so I didn’t really have the need for another one – so Opal and Brown Metal were the ones for me. I have lots of love for iridescence which was why Opal was initially the shade I wanted to try – it’s a mostly sheer pearly colour with iridescent sparkles through it which will be a great highlight, but I think I may well mostly end up wearing on its own to add a subtle bit of sparkle to my day. Brown Metal is just lovely – it’s a super-wearable brown with a slight pearlescence, and again shot through with iridescent sparkles. Both are ridiculously easy to apply and pretty much foolproof. They’re really buildable too, so can be as subtle or statement as you like. (the iridescence really doesn’t come through in these pictures, so definitely go and see for yourself!)


I know a lot of the focus for this collection has been on the new lip balm (it is lovely, but something just prevents me from dropping £25 on a tinted lip balm…) and the highlighters (these are gorgeous, but I’m more of a subtle sheen than shiny shimmer person when it comes to highlight), but for me the shadow/liner is the winner (I feel that these are definitely more of a shadow, they may be a bit too subtle to be used as a liner).

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from this collection!

Bobbi Brown Glow Collection Limited Edition Long Wear Gel Sparkle is £21. Opal is sold out already in a few places, but both are available at Harvey Nichols.

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