Stationery! (Or why I don’t need to buy notebooks for the next decade)

Since the start of this year I’ve gone a bit more analogue than digital with my work and life planning – I still love my Trello boards but there are now so many of them that my brain was getting a bit overloaded and so I downsized back to having daily written to do lists and a mini notebook for my quarterly goals. This has meant I’m now on the lookout for stationery again, and this week I’ve come across some rather beautiful things!

The first were in HomeSense (aka TK Maxx for homeware – I love this place!) – two gorgeous notebooks which are a little bit like luxe versions of a school exercise book – these were £4.99 each.


Then later in the week I headed to Paperchase to pick up a diary (I’m starting to keep a daily skin diary so I can work out how various products/what I’m eating is affecting my skin), and found more notebooks I couldn’t resist – one holographic silver with floating hearts (not pictured) and one glittery and pink. When I took one into work I realised that my new pink glittery notebook combined with my existing pink glittery pencil case is just one fluffy-topped pen away from being the stationery of a 12 year old, but I’m OK with that!


Finally, around the corner from Paperchase I stumbled across one of the two Kikki.K stores in Covent Garden (there are two within 30seconds of each other, I have no idea why). I hadn’t seen the brand before – it’s Swedish and new to the UK. I’m not the biggest fan of Scandi design as it’s usually a bit minimalist for me, but I had time to kill so I thought I’d check it out. Wow, this place is stationery heaven! All of the designs are just so fresh and bright, and all have lovely individual touches. I could have bought so much, but I managed to limit myself for once and picked up a card, some lovely pens (their fine-nib coloured pens are so lovely to use, I’m definitely going back to get more), and the thing I was most excited about which was their Goals Journal. As you may have seen from previous posts, I’m big on planning goals in little chunks, and this is a planner which helps you do just that! It’s broken down by month, and has little inspirational quotes alongside the practical things to help you plan & track. I’ve not started using it yet because when I went to the till I was told about the workshop that Kikki.K run to help you plan your goals and get the most out of using the journal. I think I’m pretty sorted with planning, but it sounded like a really great thing to do, and was only £3 extra on top of the journal for a 90 minute workshop (£21 for the journal, £24 for workshop & journal). So I’m going to go along there next month (9AM on a weekend, eek!) and will let you know how I get on!


I am definitely all stationery-ed up for a while now…

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