Cheering up January shopping spree!

This week is always the most miserable one of the year – it’s still grey, still dark mornings, I’m still slightly in shock about it not being Christmas any more and it’s still too far away from payday (such a long month!). So I bought lots of shiny things to cheer myself up rather than wait til I actually got paid (my credit card loves January).


From TK Maxx – Cargo eyeshadow palette & Travalo

I probably need to break my habit of coming straight out from a facial and immediately crossing the road ‘just to see what they have’ on the beauty shelves of TK Maxx because I never manage to ‘just see’ (FYI – the Covent Garden branch is generally really good for random beauty stuff/bad for my impulse shopping tendency). This time I picked up a gorgeous Cargo eyeshadow palette which I think was a total bargain at £7.99. I’ve already been wearing this and the texture and pigment is just gorgeous. The brush is really good too, and I think I’ll probably use all of the shades, so definitely a good purchase. (I think it should have been around £30 full price but it’s available in various places online for £12.99- it’s the Vintage Escape palette). I also bought another Travalo – I have two of these already and they are just so useful I wanted another to have my Clarins Eau Ensoleillante in too (which is why I got orange, as it matches the bottle so I’ll know what is in it!). These seem to be in all TK Maxx at the moment for £4.99 and I would definitely recommend picking one up if you want to be able to have perfume with you without having a whole bottle – you just pop the bottom of the bottle onto the top of your perfume (after taking the spray bit off) and it fills up – genius!


From Pixi – Endless Silky Eye Pen – £12

I’m glad I wandered into Seven Dials as I didn’t realise that Pixi are living there while their Carnaby shop is being refurbished. After swatching just about everything, I fell a little bit in love with the Endless Silky Eye Pen. I am so incredibly rubbish with eyeliner, but something about the amazingly glide-y texture of this just made me feel like it was something which could change that – and it totally has, so thanks Pixi.


From Boots – lots and lots of things

The Liverpool St station Boots is the one nearest my work, and it’s such a good one (apart from the over-eager Benefit counter people who prowl the aisles trying to sell you things while you’re happily browsing – every single time you’re in there, please please stop this). I bought lots!

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Cherry – £2.30 –  my favourite winter lipbalm, now in cherry, couldn’t resist.


Bioderma Photoderm AR SPF 30+ – £16 – This is a high-SPF tinted sunscreen, and when I swatched it on my hand I really loved both the texture and the level of coverage, however when I got home and tried it on my face there was hardly any coverage at all. I still really like it though, as the texture is just perfect to go on after moisturiser and before base without feeling heavy, and the slight tint will mean it’s a good one to reapply.

L’Oreal Color Riche Matte lipsticks in shades Julianne’s Red & VIP – £6.99 (currently 2 for £12). These are just the best lipsticks – I wear Eva’s Red so much and when I was super impressed with how amazing my friend Gemma’s lipstick still looked after 3 courses of delicious Turkish food last week, it turned out that it was Julianne’s Red, so I bought that and also VIP – both lovely and bright in different ways and I think I will wear them a lot. (check out my original review of the Color Riche lipsticks here).


Revlon mascaras in Super Length & Dramatic Definition, (£6.99, will be £9.99) and Brow Fantasy in Brunette (£7.99). I have a real love for Revlon mascara and I’m hoping that one of the new ones will replace their PhotoReady 3D as my ‘I can’t quite justify Chanel right now’ alternative to Inimitable. Full review will come this week. As it was 3 for 2 I also picked up the Brow Fantasy (awful name) pencil and gel duo which so far I think I quite like for a bit of a quick & subtle brow tidy, but can’t see replacing my Bobbi Brown pencil overall.


OK, I have to stop buying things now.


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