Handmade homeware focus – January

Something I’m really passionate about is filling my home with beautiful things which are handmade – I feel that if you’re sharing your home with something then you’ll get so much more enjoyment from it if you know where it’s come from, and that care and love has gone into producing it (and obviously, supporting designers & makers and shopping in a more sustainable way is something I am also pretty big on). So this post is the first of a monthly series introducing you to some of my favourite designers & makers, and the handmade homeware products I love.

Rosie Brewer

I love Rosie’s use of different woods, and the way her products just look so tactile & really bring out the vibrancy of the grain. These mini chopping boards are £12 each, and I can just see them all lined up in the middle of a table, each hosting a different cheese (all that cheese, it’s the dream…).



Pinyin Press

I first came across Pinyin Press at Pulse London last year and totally fell for the Chinese-inspired prints. Designer Sarah ended up in China via Scotland & London, and all of her designs make great use of iconic Chinese things (often food). I really love everything in the range, but given that I have a slight obsession with dumplings, my current pick has to be this teatowel (£10).


Reiko Kaneko

Reiko Kaneko has done the opposite journey across the globe – growing up in Japan but now producing her ceramics in Stoke’s potteries. There is so much in this range of bone china to choose from, but I definitely have a bit of a plan to collect some of the Drip Tease range (which actually is featured in this month’s Elle Deco, so I feel that this is one to watch!).


Rosemary Milner

There is something very pleasing about Rosemary Milner’s more botanical designs – a touch of William Morris with a contemporary feel. This hand-silkscreened wildflower cushion is my top pick – £38 including the cushion pad.


Ikuko Iwamoto

Ikuko Iwamoto’s porcelain is just so individual, I think it’s really rather an investment piece (this Nucleolus Pofupofu teapot is £395). It’s delicate and organic and wonderfully different.


If there are any designers &/or makers that you think I should check out, let me know in the comments!


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