Epilating – 4 months on

Back in September, I bought an epilator and started regularly ripping out my hair with it (see my original post here). At that point, I thought I was definitely going to carry on epilating my underarms, but not sure about my legs, so I thought it was time for an update.

For underarms, bikini line and the top half of my legs, epilating is totally the dream. After you get over the first few goes, it doesn’t really hurt (I think the nerves in your skin get used to what’s happening), and on me it leaves skin red for about a minute and then just looks smooth and normal – as if there was never any hair there in the first place. I do get the odd soft hair growing back after about 4 days, but a 30 second run over with the epilator and all is back to baby smooth. I can’t see myself switching back to shaving or waxing – this gives the effect of waxing but being able to keep up maintenance myself means that I don’t have to deal with regrowth. And it’s the same effort as shaving, but far less often and with better results.

I so wanted this to work on the bottom half of my legs, but sadly I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not to be – the virulent growth cycles of my hair are no match for a glorified set of tweezers! I kept thinking ‘just this hair cycle to get through and everything will be lovely and smooth’ but that just never happened – I haven’t had smooth legs since I started epilating and I have given up – back to shaving for now!

I think that the success of epilating is totally down to the strength of the hair and the length of its growth cycle – the areas which worked for me had either softer hair, or had previously been laser treated which had already inhibited growth (I think that if I were to get laser on my legs and then epilate it would probably work).

Two products which have been my epilating best friends are La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume (talked about in my original review), and my Tend Skin rollerball – the Lipikar to soothe my skin after epilation, and the Tend Skin to clear and prevent ingrown hairs.

So my epilator is definitely staying in my life, but overall I’m not giving up the razor quite yet…



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