New Revlon mascaras

I am really a fan of Revlon mascaras – for quite a while their Photoready 3D has been my go-to budget choice, so I was quite intrigued to see what their repackaged range had to offer. The new range offers you a choice of 5 different lash styles – Dramatic Definition, Ultra Volume, Volume & Length Magnified, Super Length and the Ultimate All in One (check out Revlon’s site here for full details). I have relatively long, full lashes naturally so I tend to stay away from anything promising volume as it just tends to look clumpy and fake rather than the ‘enhanced natural’ look I favour. With this in mind, I picked up  Dramatic Definition (purple lid) and Super Length (green lid) to test out.


Super Length has a quite large, bristly brush – I don’t usually get on with these but I actually really like this one – application is really smooth and easy, with no clumps at all. The effect is the ‘my lashes but better’ look I like, and it’s really long lasting with no smudging or flaking (I’m a contact lens wearer and rub my eyes a lot so it’s often a problem!).

Dramatic Definition’s brush is plastic and super-flexible, so you can really wiggle into the roots with this one. It’s not quite as smooth to apply as the Super Length, and leaves lashes feeling a bit more brittle, but the effect is (as per the name) much more dramatic. From a distance, I prefer the look of this one, and close up I prefer the other! I do find that this formula is more prone to flaking, so it’s one I would be less likely to use for daytime.


L-R above  – natural lashes, Super Length, Dramatic Definition (how does anyone manage this type of photo without it looking totally weird?!)

While I am using both of these at the moment, I think that Super Length is the one I’m most likely to repurchase – it may not be as impactful, but for a easy to use natural look it’s perfect.

Revlon’s new mascaras are currently £6.99 at Boots (will be £9.99 at full price).

Have you tried any of the new Revlon mascaras yet? What do you think about the simplified range?

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