Yu-Ling Jade Facial Roller


I’ve been neglecting this poor blog a bit recently (mostly because I seem to be planning and going on holidays… oops) – but I’m all back on it now! The first thing I want to talk about is something which for me has been a bit of a game changer – my jade facial roller. I think I’ve been using this every night for just over a month, and I just love it. It’s super easy to add into your routine as you can just sit and roll it over your face while you’re watching TV.

16-03-19-15-44-17-077_deco.jpgYou can get facial rollers with various sizes and textures, but the one I have has two heads – one smaller than the other and both smooth. So far I haven’t been too good at moving the roller in the specific way it’s supposed to be directed for optimum lymphatic drainage, but just rolling it all over my face seems to be working pretty well! I bought this because I have rubbish circulation and my skin really likes a bit of facial massage, so I thought that this may be something worth investing in. As both ends are jade, it feels lovely and cool to the skin, so as well as just general facial massage it’s lovely for relieving any kind of tension headache etc.

Since using this my skin has definitely perked up and the dark circles under my eyes are so much less than they were. While I hoped for an improvement in skin tone, the benefit I wasn’t expecting was the effect that this has had on my pesky under-skin bumps – I’m not suffering so much from breakouts on my jaw like I was before starting to use the Ole Henriksen truth serum and Effaclar Duo moisturiser, but I was still getting lumps under the skin which never reddened or turned into anything but just gave my skin a really uneven texture. After a few weeks of using the roller nightly, the lumps were all gone (feels like they were ironed out!) and haven’t returned.

I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the impact that using this has had on my skin (as well as how lovely it is to use) and I’m definitely going to carry on using it. The two-headed roller I have is £43 from Cult Beauty  (I had a £10 voucher when I ordered mine, and don’t forget they do cashback through Quidco!) – I do use both ends but if you wanted to spend less and get one with just one roller I would go for the smaller one – it’s great for getting round the eyes and into the sides of the nose, and you can still use all over the face.

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